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"Technique of Latin Dancing" - Walter Laird
Adele Hyland
AIDA Dance Shoes
Albina Habrle
Alessia Manfredini
Alexey Silde
All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll (FDSARR)
Allan Tornsberg
Amanda Reyzin
Amateur Division of DanceSport
American DanceSport Festival
American Rhythm
American Smooth
American Star Ball Championships
American Style
Anatoli Gorolevici
Andrei Gavriline
Andrey Piskarev
Ann Durocher
Anna Mikhed
Anna Trebunskaya
Arthur Murray
Ballroom Dance
Baltic Grand Prix
Barbara McColl
Beata Onefater
Bill Davies
Bill Sparks
Blackpool Dance Festival
Blackpool Dance Festival Champions
Blackpool Junior Dance Festival
Boogie Woogie
Boyko Ivanov
Brazilian Samba
Brooklyn Dancesport Club
Bryan Watson
Carmen Vincelj
Caucasus Cup
Cecilia Giovacchini
Cha Cha Cha
Charles Danza
Charlotte Jorgensen
Christiane Primeau
DanceSport Federation
DanceSport Rankings
DanceSport Studio
Daniel Dilley
Daniele Gozzi
Danmarks Sportdanserforbund
David Elkin
David Sycamore
Delyan Terziev
Denise Weavers
Dmitry Demidov
Dmitry Timokhin
East Coast Swing
Eastern United States DanceSport Championships
Elena Kryuchkova
Empire Dance Championship
Espen Salberg
Eugene Katsevman
Finnish Dance Sport Federation
Formation Dance
George Gachechiladze
Georgian National DanceSport Federation
German Open Championships (GOC)
Hans Galke
Igor Golovach
Igor Golovach & Michelle Blank - Dance Couple
Igor Litvinov
Ilya Ifraimov
Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
Inessa Strelnikova
Inna Dyachenko
International Championships
International Style
International Style Latin
International Style Standard
Islanders Dancesport Challenge
Joanna Leunis
Karina Smirnoff
Kasia Kozak
Kevin Juul
Kings Ball DanceSport Competition
Latvian Dance Sport Federation
Liberty Ball
Lindy Hop
Manhattan Amateur Classic Championship
Maria Manusova
Mark Weiss
Medal Examinations
Melanie LaPatin
Melinda Torokgyorgy
Metu Open
Michael Malitowski
Michelle Blank
Mid-Atlantic Championships
Natalia Urban
New England DanceSport Championships
New York Dance Festival
Nina Estrina
NJ DanceSport Classic - Summer Sizzler
North American DanceSport Teachers Association
Paragon Ballroom
Paragon Open DanceSport Championships
Paso Doble
Polina Pilipenchuk
Prague Open Dance Festival
Professional Division of DanceSport
Renata Shvarts
Rita Gekhman-Algarra
Roberto Albanese
Ruslan Wilder
San Marino DanceSport Federation
San Marino DanceSport Festival
Sandra Fortuna
Sasha Bylim
Sequence Dancing
Serena Lecca
Sergey Ryupin
Shirley Ballas
Slavik Kryklyvyy
Stepping Out Studios
Svjatoslav Jushkov
Swing Dance
Tallinn DanceSport Cup
The Ball NYC
Tony Meredith
Universal Ballroom Dance Center
USA Dance National DanceSport Championships
USA Dance National Training Camp
Valentina Fedorchuk
Vano Kandelaki
Vernon and Irene Castle
Vesa Hietala
Vibeke Toft
Victor Silvester
Viennese Waltz
Walter Laird
WDSF World DanceSport Games
Wendy Rosalind Johnson
West Coast Swing
Wheelchair Dancesport
WikiDanceSport: Five Pillars
WikiDanceSport: List of Guidelines
WikiDanceSport: Team
World DanceSport Federation Champions
World Rock 'n' Roll Confederation
World Swing Dance Council

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