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Liberty Ball

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Category: USA Dance DanceSport Competition
Dates: October/November (Annually)
Locations: Pennsylvania (USA)
Years active: 2015 - Present
Organizers: Steven Mesh, Renata Shvarts


The Liberty Ball is a sanctioned USA Dance one-day competition hosted annually in Pennsylvania (USA) since 2015 by Steven Mesh and Renata Shvarts around the months of October/November.


The Liberty Ball has been hosted annually since 2015 in Pennsylvania. Steven Mesh and Renata Shvarts organize the one day event held each year around the months of October/November.

Steven Mesh and Renata Shvarts maintain goals in conveying this competition with the feel of a World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) event. With the use of artistic lighting and d├ęcor as well as a judging panel that includes national, international and WDSF adjudicators, competitors have the opportunity to dance in front of some of the top critics in the business, at the same time doing so in an inviting and energetic environment.

Sponsorship and scholarships from various dance organizations and community businesses are also awarded.

Liberty Ball is one of the biggest junior events in southeastern Pennsylvania, with support from many of the junior studios in the tri-state area surrounding Philadelphia.


Events include competitive dancing in the American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard and Latin divisions as well as in Cabaret throughout the juvenile, junior, youth, adult and senior age levels.

This competition was the first event in Pennsylvania to feature the new student/teacher division. Amateur, same-sex and showdance events are included as well.

Events range from syllabus to open levels. All closed syllabus events are invigilated using the current USA Dance, Inc. (USAD) list of elements and restrictions. USAD costume rules apply.


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