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Anya Klimova-Preston

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Born: June 14
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Current location: Portland, Oregon
Current status:

Anya Klimova-Preston is a former Professional Ballroom dancer, specializing in the International Style Standard, Latin and 10 Dance division. She is a coach of Russian National Champions (2004-2006), U.S. National Champions (2009,2011,2013), also award-winning Author of ballroom dance program, as well as "Dance Teacher of the Year", Russia 2003. Currently Anya is dance Instructor, Choreographer and USA Dance National and WDSF "A" Licensed and WDSF "PD" Adjudicator.


Anya Klimova-Preston was born and educated in Russia and started Ballroom Dancing at the age of twelve, after having done two years of gymnastics. That was also after figure skating from ages four to six and dancing folk dances from ages seven to nine. After five years of strict Ballroom and ballet, she added jazz, modern and Flamenco dancing to enrich her Ballroom and Latin techniques.

  • Dance school “Vortex”
    • Studying Jazz and Modern Dance (Aug. 2001 – Sep. 2002)
  • Dance school of Vadim Nikitin.
    • Studying Jazz and Modern Dance (Jun. 2000 – Sep. 2001)
  • Flamenco dance school of Violetta Gonzales.
    • Dancing in the theater of Flamenco Art. (1997 – 1999)
  • Moscow dance school “Inspiration”
    • Studying Classical Choreography and Ballroom Dance (1984 - 1990)

Anya studied International Standard program under the tutelage of Massimo Giorgianni, and Alessia Manfredini, Alexey Kochetkov, Gennadiy Gunnko, Yulys Baumanis; as well as Latin-American program under Karen Hardy, Rood Vermey, Peter Maxwell, Olga Omelchenko-Muller, Tatiana Kostina, Yevgeniy Antonov, Dmitriy Timokhin and Anna Bezikova.

During her dancing career, Anya competed seven years as an Amateur and four years in the Professional Division of DanceSport.

Formal Education & Degrees

  • Moscow Lomonosov State University
    • All courses towards a PhD in Aesthetics (Apr. 2005 – 2007)
  • Saint-Petersburg Trade Union University of Humanities
    • All courses towards PhD in Theory and the History of Art (Sept. 2000 – Nov. 2003)
  • Moscow State University of Culture and Arts
    • Certified in Stage Choreography (Mar. 2003)
  • International Academy of Dance Art
    • Certified at the World Social Dance Congress (Oct. 2003)
  • Saint-Petersburg Trade Union University of Humanities
    • Master’s Degree in Folk Art and Dance Choreography (Sep. 1997 – Jun. 1999. Grad: Jun. 1999)
  • Psychology Institute of Russian Academy of Science.
    • Certified in professional Program “Dance Movement Therapy” (contact improvisation, authentic movement, psychodrama, and Gestalt Therapy) (Sep. 1996 – Aug. 1998)
  • Moscow State Social University
    • Master’s in Sociology (Oct. 1991- Jun. 1996. Grad: Jun. 1996)

She holds a Master's Degree in Dance Art and Ballroom Choreography. Additional studies led toward her role as an international dance judge and supplemented knowledge of International Standard and Latin-American programs with more than a dozen mentors.

Coming to America: Life After Competition

When asked by a columnist in an interview about why she decided to venture to America when her childhood and university years were spent in Russia, she answered that she had "Fallen in love with an American and they had decided to have a family in the U.S."

Since February of 2010 and the Bassano Open, Anya Klimova-Preston’s adjudicator talents have taken her to Canada (Richmond, Toronto and Vancouver), Italy (Bassano del Grappa), Germany (Berlin), Poland (Warsaw) and around the U.S. to Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. Klimova-Preston also acted as adjudicator at the 2011 Columbia Star Ball, Portland, Oregon.

Anya is a former World Class Judge of the World Dance Council (WDC) as well as a former National Judge with National Dance Council of America (NDCA). She is currently a National Judge for USA Dance and an International Adjudicator with the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF).

"It’s a very challenging, but rewarding job. It is tiring because of standing on your feet, sometimes in high heels, listening to loud music, looking at bright lights and sparkling costumes all day with several coffee breaks. Yet it is a pleasure because the music is beautiful and diverse, the dancers are gorgeous and showing their best, the organizers [of the dance competition] are very friendly and caring. The judges are a team of professionals—each unique and passionate about dance people. They are a delight to hold a conversation with. Judging itself keeps you on tippy toes doing a highly detailed analysis every minute of the competition. My mind enjoys working on the spot, constantly making decisions in a limited timeframe."


Fortunately for our dance world, Klimova-Preston returns home to attend her students and studio in Beaverton. Besides the availability of ongoing group or private lessons, Klimova-Preston occasionally offers longer and more intense Dance Boot Camps—often timed in advance of an upcoming competition dance students may be working toward.

My students’ progress and willingness to work hard keeps me inspired. I love when the students are hungry for more coaching and practice more than I expect, showing better results. I have noticed that when my students slow down in practicing, even if they have serious reasons, it upsets me. They don’t need to be the best on the dance floor because if one is the best there is no competition and it becomes boring. To be the best for yourself, giving it all you can, are the abilities that I value in my students. Anya

DanceSport Activist: Sharing Her Passion

Anya was a coach of various Standard and Latin Champions that took titles in Moscow, Russia from 2004 to 2006, as well as National USA Dance Champions in Standard and Latin from 2009 to 2011 and 2013

In 2003, she was also honored with the "Dance Teacher of the Year" Award in Russia. She is an award-winning author of ballroom dance programs for beginners to University level and professional couples - "Dance Fireworks"

Currently instructs classes in Portland, OR.

Anya Klimova-Preston currently travels around the world to lecture at various DanceSport training seminars, camps and congresses, to instruct dancers, as well as to adjudicate some of the most renowned competitions of the USA Dance and World DanceSport Federation (WDSF).

  • Activist helping promote ballroom dance opportunities in Oregon and Washington, Anya Klimova-Preston. After having relocated to the United States: I have been involved with different non-profit arts organizations in offering ballroom dance as an extra curricula activity in the public schools of Oregon and Washington. We’ve brought ballroom into thirty-five schools and ten retirement homes.

World Renowned Adjudicator

World Dance Council (WDC) International Adjudicator Jan. 2010 - present time

WDSF Chairman Congresses Stuttgart, Germany Aug.2009 and Toronto, Canada Apr. 2010

World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Certified International Adjudicator Mar. 2008 - present time

National Dance Council of America (NDCA) 2007 - present time

WDSF Adjudicators' Congresses 2007-13, Irvine, CA; Stuttgart, Germany; Irvine, CA; Baltimore, MD; Los Angeles, CA

US Terpsichore Association Certified Judge in International Ballroom and Latin Dance Programs (Member, Highly Recommended) Aug. 2006

Russian DanceSport Federation Sep 1994- 2005

Dance Movement Therapy Assosiation Sep 2007- present time

Aside from being a National Adjudicator for the USA Dance Anya has been an Adjudicator for the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) since 2011. She holds an "A" License as well as a "PD" License. She has judged many WDSF events including but not limited to:


  • World Dance & Dance Sport Council (WD&DSC)
    • International Adjudicator (Working as a Professional Judge at the International and USA Dance Competitions) (Apr. 2007 – present time)

  • Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, Oregon
    • Dance Instructor
    • Sep. 2007 - Feb. 2010

  • Portland Community College, Oregon
    • Dance Instructor (teaching credit courses of Dance Technique and Choreography in Ballroom, Latin, Country, Folk, and Social Dance Styles)
    • Jun. 2007 – Sep. 2010

  • Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
    • Guest Instructor of the Dance Technique Class (teach series of workshops)
    • Jan. 2007 - May 2009

  • Portland State University
    • Dance Instructor of the Performing Ballroom Dance Class (taught a credit class)
    • Sep. - Dec. 2006

  • Beaverton YMCA, Beaverton, Oregon
    • Dance Program Supervisor/ Instructor (designing dance programs, advising, promoting, teaching classes of different ages)
    • Aug. 2006 – Jul. 2010

  • Young Audiences of Oregon and SW Washington, Portland, Oregon
    • Dance Artist (program designer, instructor)
    • Aug. 2006 – present time

  • East Side Athletic Club, Clackamas, Oregon
    • Dance Program Designer/ Instructor (designing dance programs, advising, promoting, teaching classes of different ages)
    • March 2006 – April 2010

  • Moscow City Child Artistic Center.
    • Choreographer, dance coach, methodologist (dance program designer and supervisor)
    • Oct.1994 – Jan.2006


  • WDSF World Youth Latin, Chengdu, China, July 11-15, 2013
  • Invitational International Island Fantasy Ball, April 20-22, 2013
  • National USA Dance Championships, Los Angeles, CA April 5-9, 2013
  • National USA Dance Formaition Championships, Rexburg, ID, March 23-24, 2013
  • WDSF World Adult Latin, World Youth 10 Dance at the Baltic Grand Prix, Riga, Latvia, December 14-16, 2012
  • WDSF Spain Open Championships, Salou, Spain, December 7-9, 2012
  • Invitational International Grand Ball, Richmond, Canada November 8-11, 2012
  • National USA Dance Formation Teams Championships, Rexburg, ID, April 15-16, 2012
  • Canadian Closed National Championships and Snow Ball Classic, April 6-8, 2012
  • WDSF Open Summer Dance Festival, Berlin, Germany, June 9-11, 2011
  • WDSF Open Lotto Classic, Warsaw, Poland, June 3-5, 2011
  • Columbia Star Ball, NDCA&USD NQE, Portland, OR, USA, May 7-8, 2011
  • IDSF World Youth 10 Dance Championship at Crystal Leaf, Toronto, Canada, April 15-18, 2010
  • USA Dance National Championships, Los Angeles, CA, April 10-11, 2010
  • IDSF World Series Grand Slam at "Bassano Open 2010", Bassano del Grappa, Italy, Feb 12-15, 2010
  • NW Regional Dance Sport Championships, Seattle, WA, Oct, 24th, 2009, & Oct 23d, 2010
  • International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) Adjudicator at SnowBall Classic, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Feb. 11-14, 2009


  • Invitational International Island Fantasy Ball, April 20-22, 2013
  • National USA Dance Championships, Los Angeles, CA April 5-9, 2013


  • National USA Dance Championships, Los Angeles, CA April 5-9, 2013
  • Invitational International Grand Ball, Richmond, Canada November 8-11, 2012
  • Canadian Closed National Championships and Snow Ball Classic, April 6-8, 2012
  • USA Dance National Championships, Los Angeles, CA, April 10-11, 2010
  • NW Regional Dance Sport Championships, Seattle, WA, Oct, 24th, 2009, & Oct 23d, 2010

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