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Julia Fryer

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Born: 10th March 1971
Hometown: Manchester UK
Current location: Purmerend, The Netherlands
Current status:

Julia Fryer is a former Professional ballroom dancer specialize in Latin. World Amateur Latin Champion, European Amateur Latin Champion, World Professional Latin Finalist and World Professional Showdance Champion as well as winner of the TV Show "Dancing with the Stars". Julia is one of the best instructors, choreographers and lectures in the world. Also she is World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Adjudicator and Adjudicator. "A"


Julie Fryer known as a “dance dynamite”. Julie mesmerises the world as a dancer and as a choreographer with her vibrant energy in all her work. And winning in an atmosphere of great harmony is her style. These qualities make her several times World Champion in Latin American Dancing. Julie is just dance dynamite and these qualities help her clients to get the maximum out of their dance qualities as well. Julie coaches and choreographs not only Ballroom and Latin American dancers but also national celebrities to win TV-series like Dancing with the Stars.

This British-Dutch miracle in dance starts her passion at the age of six. She works at her ballet skills (modern) and develops her singing. Cute as she already is on a very young age, she performs in many musical summer shows all over England. From the age of twelve she finds her competitive edge in a new world: Ballroom and Latin American dancing. She wins Junior International titles and becomes a World Amateur finalist. Julie creates a new dynamical style in Latin dancing Soon Julie needs more passion and finds that in the partnership with Louis van Amstel. She leaves England and moves to Holland. Together with the Team Amsterdam teachers and top coach Ruud Vermeij PhD. they create a new very dynamical style in Latin dancing. This energetic dancing is quickly rewarded with two world titles in the amateur ranks. Julie is a tripple World Champion in DanceSoon to be followed up by the world title in South American Show Dance for professionals.

After having won the most important dance prices Julie decides to stop competing but not to stop dancing. She dances in very well-received shows with several world class professional Ballroom and Latin dancers.

With Louis van Amstel she performs in many American theatres with their dynamical dance show “The Best of the Best”. They dance at the prestigious Japanese show ‘the World Superstars’. The finale of this dance partnership is live on Dutch television. Julie and Louis perform their final dance steps together while Julie dances shows around the world Holland’s greatest pop star Marco Borsato sings his hit song "Red".

The transition from active dancer to professional teacher and coach goes smoothly and easily for Julie. Her dance qualities immediately attract the finest competitive Ballroom dancers to work with her.

Producers of television dance programs in Holland (and abroad) select her to dance with national celebrities. And Julie is an immediate success. In her first television series of Dancing with the Stars she becomes the first winner together with national singing celebrity Jim Bakkum. In later seasons she not only performs but starts to create dance choreographies to support performances Julie stars in the tv-series Dancing with the Stars of artists like Enrique Iglesias. And thanks to her spontaneous personality and her vast knowledge of dance she also appears on television as the chairperson of the judges in Dancing with the Stars.

Her television work continuous to grow. She interviews dancers in TV shows. Julie choreographs more and more for television and she is a guest herself in several talk shows. Julie also successfully choreographs the dancing in many television shows like a series of shows about the sixties, seventies eighties and nineties and the series "So you think you can dance"next generation..

Julie Fryer is a spontaneous world class dance gem in many arena’s. As a dancers, as a coach, as a teacher, as a judge and as a choreographer. Maybe her biggest gem is that she remains a very warm and open hearted person. She continues studying coaching skills and performance skills and is hungry to learn more and more about dance to be able to share that with the National and International dancers that work with her.


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