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Zoran Plohl

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Born: April 27, 1979
Hometown: Maribor, Slovenia
Current location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Current status:

Zoran Plohl is a former professional ballroom dancer specialize in International Style Latin. Zoran is WDSF European and World Amateur Latin Champion as well as gold medalist at the all major competition like: German Open Championships (GOC), International Championships and Blackpool Dance Festival. Currently Zoran is a WDSF Licensed Adjudicator and owner of the "Plesna Šola Diamant" Dance Studio.


Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich had very carefully selected the time and the place for what was to be their last win in an outstanding career in the DanceSport as “Amateurs”. They chose to end their best year ever in the very place where they started out as a couple twelve years earlier. It had to be Maribor, Sovenia.

In fact, it was the organiser of the Maribor Open, Branko Bohak, who brought the two together. After he had seen Tatsiana dance at a tournament in the Czech Republic, he suggested that she and Zoran and should dance together. Tatsiana, the Belarus Ten Dance Champion at that time, did not take long to consider the option and traveled to Slovenia without having seen Zoran ever before.

After training with Alenka and Branko Bohak, for all but three weeks, the newly formed couple won the Slovenian Ten Dance Championship and placed third in International Style Latin. With a fourth place in the European Ten Dance – also held in Maribor, where else – their quest for excellence got off to a very promising start at the international level too.

Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich eventually decided to focus on Latin only. They moved from Maribor to Ljubljana and teamed up with another Slovenian trainer, Latin specialist Barbara Ambroz. The rest is history: the European and World Latin titles this year had them attain their most ambitious goal.

And as they had told WDSF Communications in an interview after their win at the World Latin in Singapore, they now made an official announcement about their competitive future. Zoran and Tatsiana have decided that they would dance in the WDSF Professional Division from now.

Throughout their career it was Natasa Ambroz who gave them advice and support at all times. She was considered their “Slovenian Mama” – since Tatsiana’s parents live in Belarus – and she was obviously party to this important career decision too.


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