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Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine

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Born: December 24
Hometown: Haiti, Caribbean
Current location: New York City, USA
Current status:

Emmanuel Pierre is a former professional ballroom dancer specialize in American Style. 12 times undefeated U.S. American Rhythm Champion, 3 times World Mambo Champion, in 2006 winning either first or second place in all the major competitions throughout the U.S.


A native of Haiti, Emmanuel Pierre trained in Jazz, Modern, Haitian folklore, and Ballroom dance for 17 years. In 1997, having developed a distinct passion for partner dancing, Emmanuel founded Caminito, which came to be regarded as one of the leading schools of Ballroom and International Style Latin dance in Haiti. In 1999, when he first started competing on the international scene and won the 3rd place in the World Mambo Championship at USBC, he was honored with being named Haiti’s dance representative, locally and abroad by The International Dance Organization(IDO).

In January 2003, Emmanuel closed Caminito to concentrate on his dance career in the dance capital of the world, New York City where he not only competed professionally but also started competing with several of his students in Pro-Am divisions including International style Latin and international style standard|Standard]], American Rhythm and american Smooth.

In September 2003, Emmanuel met Joanna Zacharewicz at "Stepping Out Studios" , where they started training together and became one of the top instructors/dancers/performers. They competed for two years in the American Rhythm Division becoming 2005 World Mambo Champions, and in 2006 winning either first or second place in all the major competitions throughout the united states.

In January 2007 Emmanuel started a new partnership with Julia Gorchakova: 12 times undefeated US American Rhythm Champion and 3 times World Mambo Champion, hoping to bring a new energy into the dance world both being very passionate dancers. Although they enjoyed the experience and have no regrets, they did not feel they would be able to accomplish their goal in the time frame they had originally set so they decided to end their partnership in July 2008.

In September 2008, Emmanuel paired up with Lianna Churilova (amateur international latin champion in Russia and world finalist). They are a strong force on the dance floor, winning 1st place in many national and international competitions.

Emmanuel Pierre lives in New York City with his wife Jasmin and new baby son Vishaal. He is also National Adjudicator and member of National Dance Council of America. Besides his love and passion for dancing Emmanuel loves watching movies, listening to music, and devotes the rest of his time to meditation and spiritual life.


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