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Petr Horacek

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Born: April 3, 1971
Current location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Current status:

Petr Horacek is a professional ballroom dancer, former winner of the World Cup and German Open Championships in Argentine Tango, also he is a Hong Kong International Salsa Champion. Petr is a WDSF Adjudicator as well as Choreographer of the TV Show "Let's Dance" is the Slovak version of "Dancing with the Stars". From 2015 Petr is a President of the Slovak DanceSport Federation.


Petr Horacek is a choreographer, dancer and president of the Slovak Association of DanceSport. As a choreographer he also worked in the first three TV series of "Let's Dance" is the Slovak version of "Dancing with the Stars".

He graduated from the Folk Arts School in Žilina, a classical, modern and folk dance department. Among others, he worked as secretary of TK Slovan Bratislava, also the main trainer of TK "Uni-Dance" Bratislava and the head of the Slovak Sports Association Association. From 2011 to 2013, he was a member of the Presidium of the Slovak Dance Association and Head of the Cooperation Department with other trade unions and sections. He is the holder of the DanceSport Trainer III.c lass award.

Petr Horacek is highly sought after coach who is a featured presenter at many top DanceSport training camps throughout Europe. From 2015 he is President of the Slovak DanceSport Federation, USA Dance's equivalent in Slovakia. As a WDSF licensed adjudicator he regularly represents Slovakia judging various World Campionships, Grand Prix, and European Championships, WDSF World Open and many more.

As a competitor Petr Horacek is the double winner of the World Cup, the European Championships, and the Slovak and Czech titles, IDO World Finalist, 2001 German Open Championships Champion in Argentine Tango, 2001 Hong Kong International Salsa Champion and Argentine Tango Finalist.

As a choreographer, he earned more than thirty Slovak titles and has been regularly involved in the preparation of television projects for six years. It was Horacek, who "taught" dancing to the first superstar, and in "Let's Dance" he was still in all the sequels. In the first three series he worked on the choreographer's post, and his handwriting was readable for most of the creations of Michael Cobej, Petra Polnišová, Maroš Kramár and Filip Tůma. This year he became a project supervisor. "I take care of the dance page," explains the most successful Slovak choreographer of social dancing and dancesport, "I control the selection of music, He can also take advantage of his many years of teaching experience - even as a historian even years ago.



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