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Serena Lecca

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Born: July 13
Hometown: Sardegna Cagliari, Italy
Current location(s): Italy & United Kingdom
Current status:
  • Instructor
  • Lecturer
  • Choreographer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Dance Studio Owner

Serena Lecca is an Italian Professional Latin American dancer who has won many prestigious competitions in Italy as well as all around the World.


Serena Lecca was born in Sardegna Cagliari, Italy. Intrigued in watching music videos, Ballroom Dancing, and Ice Skating, she was about 13/14 years old when she took her first dancing steps. Anything that had to do with dancing intrigued her. Therefore, she signed up for a Ballet school, which she attended for two years. It was nice for a while, she says, but she began getting a bit bored after which her parents introduced her to a dancing hall that they attended each Saturday. She really enjoyed this new adventure.

Soon after, Serena joined a Ballroom Dancing school and found a partner almost immediately. She considered herself very lucky for this. Her dancing instructor made her participate in competitions as her told her she had a very unique style that was "Wild!" At that time, she didn't understand what talent she possessed.

She won the Italian Regional Championship and was thrilled.

Serena had to travel a lot and very often at that. She took part in so many competitions that she lost count. Her passion or dancing got deeper and deeper and the sacrifices that she had to make did not bother her at all. Her parents saw how serious she got about dancing and realized she was a natural for this artistic sport. They enticed her to take part in Copenhagen, Denmark for the European Cup, which she ended up winning. After that, her partner decided to quit dancing, but it did not stop Serena from training and practicing on her own. She also still went to competitions to watch.

Serena got to know an acquaintance from Lago di Garda (Lake Garda, Italy), and they instantly became dancing partners. Not too long after, they won the Italian Championships.

It was May 1991 and Serena went to assist the World Championship. It was here that she decided that she wanted to become more like the dancers that were competing. She met Sandro Cavallini in Blackpool and from there they joined forces for two years. They had outstanding success at both National and International levels. This dancing duo was very well-known and talked about very much. Serena was discovered by Espen Salberg during a lecture. He named her the "Queen of Samba".

A competition in Miami came to be their last as Serena met a new American dancing partner, Charles Danza.


Serena decided that it was time for her to proceed onto a new stage of her dancing career. She chose to transition into the Professional category. It was a difficult hurdle to jump, but it didn't scare her she says. The Italian-American duo became a great success both at an Italian and International Level.

After a while, Serena believed it would be best to find a new dancing partner. Soon she realized all of her dreams as a dancer. His name was Allan Tornsberg and he was from Denmark. There was amazing chemistry between them. They shared the same ideas, passion, and priorities.

Blackpool had arrived and all of the newly-formed dancing couples would have the opportunity to battle against each other for the first time. Serena states that the atmosphere was undesirable and in abundance of professional quality. There were encores and words of praise, and at the height of her Professional career, new opportunities arose.

Allan and Serena were constantly traveling for either Exhibitions or for Competitions with their close colleagues whom included Jukka Haapalainen and Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö, Paul Killick and Hanna Kartunen, Bryan Watson, and Carmen Vincelj, as well as many others. They were all dancing couples of the highest level but the difference between all of them was very distinct. For the audience, it was definitely breathtaking to watch all of them dance one next to the other.

After three years of dancing together, Allan decided to refrain from taking part in competitions and stick to training and coaching the younger generations. He had reached the stage in his competitive dancing career where he was satisfied with what he had achieved.

A New Beginning

Even though Serena states that she had and still has all of the satisfaction the world can offer in terms of her dancing career, she was not and is not currently ready to stop competing. Her love for this sport shines on.

Serena continues teaching and coaching all around the world. That is actually how she met her new dancing partner Jay Park from Korea, a natural born dancer. Together, they represented Korea for a few months until it became too difficult to combine their two distinct lives for practice. However, they achieved great success in those few months.

Currently, Serena is competing in the Professional Latin Division with Alano Gouvei with whom she began dancing with in 2014. They represent Italy.


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