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Donnie Burns

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Born : November 1957
Hometown: Hamilton, Scotland
Early career: 1968
Current status:

Donnie Burns is a Scottish professional ballroom dancer, specializing in Latin dance. Fourteen Times World Professional Latin American Champion. He is Vice President and Chairman of the DanceSport Committee of the World Dance & DanceSport Council and is based in South Croydon, Surrey, England


When Donnie was ten years old, he was dancing with Sylvia Cameron represented Great Britain at international tournament. Two years later they won Open Championship in Scotland.

Sammy Stopford, the famous dancer of that time. It is he who will bring with Donnie Gaynor Fairweather . With her, he reached the super professional skill level.Donnie and Gaynor few years will be to work with the Stopford. However, over time, they decide to move to London and continue to learn the skill of dance there. In London, Donnie and acquire, without exaggeration, a best teacher - Walter Laird

He and his former partner Gaynor Fairweather were 14-time World Professional Latin champions: this is by some way the record for this title. They were also eleven times International Latin American Dance champions, and this is also a record. On their competitive retirement both were honored by appointment as MBE. Donnie was undefeated in any competitive dance contest for nearly 20 years of continuous competition, a record in any major category of ballroom dance; this is now in the Guinness Book of Records. During this period he won major titles in countries throughout the world.

He is now President of the World Dance Council. He is a winner of the Carl Alan Award for outstanding services to dance and is widely considered the "Michael Jordan" of ballroom dancing.

Burns was the hero of the character Mr. Aoki in the 1996 Japanese film Shall We Dance?.

Burns also appeared during week 7 of the 12th season of Dancing with the Stars.


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