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Jukka Haapalainen

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Hometown: Lapua, Finland.
Current location: London, United Kingdom
Current status:

Jukka Haapalainen Former British Open to The World Latin American Professional Champions, creators of Double Danceshow. Owner at Haapalainen Suutarijääskö Dance Studios.


Jukka Haapalainen is a Finnish professional ballroom dancer. He started dancing at the age of 5 in his hometown Lapua.

In 1989 he teamed up with Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö and turned to Professional category of ballroom championships. There accomplishments include: 4 Times Professional Latin British Open to the World Champions, European International style Latin Champions, United Kingdom Professional Open to the World Champions, International Professional Open to the World Champions.

They retired from competitive dance in 2002 and have become the Latin cabaret dance artists. At the peak streak of their success, during 1997-2001, they have won a large number of 1st and 2nd places in various international championships. Their highest rating was 1887 (in 2001).

For their performances in Professional Latin they have earned a number of (non-championship) awards, including the World Dance & Dance Sport Council ”Isadora Duncan” Award (2002).

Stage and TV

Black Rose's Tango Musical (Mustan Ruusun Tango Musikaali) Seinajoki Theatre. Lorca's Blood Wedding (Verenhaat) at Turku Theatre Disposable Object Cabaret (Kertakayttotavara kabaree) Aleksander's Theatre Helsinki, Linnateatteri, Turku Latin Quarter Danceshow at Savoy Theatre, Helsinki. Lost Moon (Kadonnut Kuu) Choreography in Three Scenes, created by Jorma Uotinen. 3 Some Danceproject for stage , Aleksander's Theatre , Helsinki. Eurovision Song Contest Opening show choreography and performance, Helsinki.

Guest performances at Dancing with the Stars Finland. Judge at Dancing with the Stars Finland. Performers at The World Superstars Dance Festivals. Tours in Europe , Americas , Japan ,China , Philippines Australia . Owner at Haapalainen Suutarijääskö Dance Studios


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