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Gianni Caliandro

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Born: March 23, 1988
Hometown: Lecce, Italy
Lives in: Bethesda, Maryland
Current status:

Gianni Caliandro is a former Professional Ballroom dancer, WDO World Championships Finalist in Ballroom and Showdance, The Open Worlds Finalist in 2022, Winner of RS Pro at the UK Open Championships 2017. Together with his wife and dance partner Arianna Esposito they became the only couple in the history who dance over 300 competitions in Professional Division of DanceSport. Dance instructor, lecturer, choreographer, dance studio owner, national coach of DanceSport Federation (DSF).


Gianni Caliandro started dancing at eight years old and he started with Latin, in a small place in South of Italy call Veglie. It is a small town in the heel of Italy. Gianni used to play soccer. He remember how one day he returned from the training, and his Mum looked at his bruised knees and said, you will not play football anymore, choose between music and dance. He also used to play accordion, so Gianni said that he wanted to do both! He played accordion because my Mum told me to do it.

After six months Gianni won his first competition, even though he did not want to compete. He remembers, that after he got that trophy, something switched in his mind. Gianni wanted to do another competition. He stayed in dance industry because more than dancing he liked competing as well. Gianni liked music as well, and slowly, competition after competition he started liking dancing more and more. It is my life now - Gianni says. He cannot imagine my life without it. Even after thirty years from now, he imagine dancing, teaching kids and helping them achieve their goals.

Gianni met Arianna in 2008, at first they were together in romantic relationships and week later decided to move together and to dance together. Since 2008 they competed in hundreds of competitions and accomplished the highest level.

As Amateurs Gianni & Ariana became European Championships finalists in 2010.

2011 Gianni and Arianna moved to America and made a decision to continue their dancing career in Professional Division of DanceSport. Since that time they accomplished to become one of the most experienced Professional dancers based on amount of competition they have competed in Pro division.

They made finals in all major events in USA, 2017 RS Professional Ballroom Champions at the UK Open, Vice Champions at the Blackpool Dance Festival RS Pro, 2017 World Championships Finalist in ShowDance, 2023 WDO World Professional Ballroom Finalist in Naples, Italy.


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