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Prague Open Dance Festival

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Category: Czech Dance Sport Federation DanceSport Competition
Recognized By: World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)
Dates: Middle of September (Annually)
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Years active: since - 2003 (2018 was the 15th year anniversary)


The Prague Open Dance Festival is a sanctioned 2-day Czech Dance Sport Federation (CDSF) competition hosted annually in Prague, Czech Republic. Recognized by the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), the competition is held at the middle of September, at the beginning of the DanceSport season - a good jump start for couples, judges, and coaches alike.


The Prague Open Dance Festival (PODF) is the biggest international dance competition in the Czech Republic. September 2018 is he occasion of the 15th anniversary of this event, a unique opening night will take place on September 14 and bears the name NINE.

The name NINE won, thanks to the combination of 9 modern art pieces. The highlight of the evening will be the show of 9 dance masters of the World and Europe in Standard and Latin American dances. The program will be enriched by a fashion show recognized by "Natali Ruden" , titled Alter Ego, and the unmistakable voice of "Emmy Drobné". The whole evening will be performed by Dana Morávková and Roman Vojtek . The event with a pair of these qualities is not the same throughout Europe.

The Prague Open Dance Festival (PODF) each year, almost 1,000 dance couples from all over the world will go to the heart of Europe, to Prague. Hosting a WDSF World Open in Standard and Latin, as well as WDSF PD Competitions in both disciplines makes this event very interesting for the dancers, which is proved by steadily increasing numbers of entries.

Prague Open 2014 took place in the Palace Lucerna, which is built in Art Nouveau Style and creates an unforgettable viewing experience. For many years the event was held in this location. The address was changed when the hall was rebuilt. With new organizers and partners the competition came back to it`s original venue. The event is supported by the Capital City Government of Prague. Important to mention that the Major of Prague is especially interested in DanceSport, he was a dancer himself not so long ago. The organizers, headed by Pavel Tejc and Jiri Sevcik, and the Czech Dance Sport Federation did all their efforts to provide good conditions for the competitors. So "Prague Open Dance Festival" developed to be one of the highlights in the scene.

The maintains goals of growing this major competition and maintaining the exhilarating feel of World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) events. With use of artistic lighting and decor as well as a judging panel that includes National, International and WDSF Adjudicators, competitors have the opportunity to dance in front of some of the top critics in the business, at the same time doing so in an inviting and energetic environment. The audience will enjoy the evening sessions with nice lighting and sound and VIP table seating options.

  • Two days of competition
  • National, International and WDSF World Class Adjudicators
  • Top WDSF ranking couples from all over the world
  • Live Video Stream


Events at the Prague Open Dance Festival (PODF) include competitive dancing in the International Standard and Latin styles throughout the Juvenile, Junior, Youth, and Adult age groups in the Amateur and Professional divisions.

The 2018 Prague Open Dance Festival (PODF) also hosted various WDSF sanctioned events including:


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