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Latvian Dance Sport Federation

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Officially Founded: in 1989
Headquarters: Latvia
Member: of the World DanceSport Federation(WDSF)
President: Vito Feldmanis


Latvian Dance Sport Federation (LDSF) - is the official national governing body for DanceSport (the competitive version of ballroom dancing) in the Latvia. Member of World DanceSport Federation(WDSF), President - Vito Feldmanis.


The Latvian Dance Sport Federation (LDSF) is a non-profit organization responsible for the development of DanceSport in Latvia. LDSF is a longtime member of the World DanceSport Federation(WDSF). LSDF was founded in 1989. The association was registered in 2004. LSDF conference took place on 24 August. The Federation Council is elected by the Conference for a two-year term. The President and the Secretary-General are entitled to represent the Federation individually. A member of the Presidium who is not the President or the Secretary-General is entitled to represent the Federation only with the eight members of the Presidium.

LSDF operating principles

The aim of the document is to give an insight into the approach and principles of the Latvian Dance Sport Federation (LDSF), which includes the organization's vision, values ​​and mission.


DanceSport is a personality-building and aesthetically beautiful sport that proves the ability of dancers to combine the feeling of rhythm, stance, movement dynamics, artistic performance and interaction with a partner in a way that is satisfying both the dancers themselves and the spectators of this sport. Engaging in dancesport does not end with the end of a sporting career, but will continue throughout your life as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Turning to sports dances opens up the possibilities to systematically work with oneself and body, strengthen the willpower, improve the relationship and socialization culture, as well as learning to work in a team with your partner - these are the qualities and skills that are especially useful in human life. To achieve high sporting results, it is desirable to be involved in sports dances at the earliest possible age, when parents play a particularly important role in the development of the child. Consequently, one of the tasks of the LSDF is to raise parents' awareness of why DanceSport is an appropriate and good opportunity for the child's personality to grow.

The Latvian Dance Sport Federation is an organization whose purpose is to provide and develop a suitable environment in the long run, therefore the LDSF sees and strives for the implementation of such a vision:

"Everyone in the Latvian DanceSport dancer has equal opportunities to realize his sporting potential in a fair and professionally organized environment."


LDSF bases its work on the values of personal growth, integrity, sporting spirit and satisfactions. These values ​​determine the behavior of LDSF officials, coaches, judges, organizers and dancers in everyday situations. We expect and trust that our partners and other stakeholders will respect these values.

  • Personality growth

We value the dancers' efforts and purposeful efforts to achieve sporty success by practicing their willpower, body and harmonious cooperation with the dance partner. It is a special pleasure for children and young people to grow their eagerness by improving their dance skills, to see how not only good sports dancers are formed, but also those who are oriented towards culture and aesthetics, which make a positive contribution to the development of society.

It is expected that, like dancers, organizers, judges, coaches and LSDF officials will work diligently to improve their skills and competences, becoming the highest level of their occupations or occupational experts and professionals. We believe that DanceSport is a great activity to improve ourselves throughout our lives.

  • Honesty

By honesty, we first understand fair treatment for ourselves in ourselves and in our actions, as well as in the surrounding community. Honesty is the norm of daily behavior. It is manifestation of acting on the basis of conscience, openness in communication, conscientiousness in actions and sincerity in the treatment of responsibilities and relationships with others. It is expected that every dance competitor will compete with honest practices and will rely only on his own personal performance.

The LDSF's economic activities are guided by the principle of legality, and we invite our cooperation partners to always adhere to this approach.

  • Match

LDSF is a professionally managed non-governmental organization that performs its activities in accordance with regulatory enactments and principles of good governance. They work continuously and systematically to improve the internal regulatory framework, taking into account good practices and the World DanceSport Federation(WDSF) guidelines, and we follow the rules.

  • Attractive spirit

By emphasizing the spirit of sport, they are guided by the three Olympic values: excellence, friendliness and respect. The pursuit of excellence is not only in sports, but also in the athlete's personal life. The main idea is not to try to compare oneself with others, but to strive for personal goals with certainty and purposeful action. For friendship with dance partners, club members and other dancers, it is essential to create a better environment for DanceSport in Latvia, which promotes solidarity, joy and optimism among dancers. Respect reflects the ethical principle, which should guide all participants and interested parties involved in DanceSport. It means self-esteem, do not go over your body, respect other members, respect the rules and the environment.

  • Trembling

Dancers' daily work brings satisfaction to both a couple and individual training, both in preparation and participation in competitions, as well as in the dance environment we belong to.

They believe that truly significant success can be achieved by working with a sense of satisfaction.


LDSF is a recognized organization of the State of Latvia and the World DanceSport Federation, which provides DanceSport athletes, regardless of age and gender, for the development of dance training, the development and management of dance training environments, the development of a club system and the organization of recognized competitions based on principles of good governance, professionalism and value-based action in all LSDF-related activities. "


Total Latvian Dance Sport Federation (LDSF) registered:
  • Clubs: 80
  • Instructors: 115
  • Adjudicators: 68
  • Athletes: 1975

Registered with the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF):

  • Total Members: 1678
  • Couples 150
  • Adjudicator: 23
  • Chairpersons: 1


Latvian Dance Sport Federation (LDSF) is organizing multiple World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) events per year:



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