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Georgian National DanceSport Federation

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Officially Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Georgia
Member: of World DanceSport Federation(WDSF)
President: George Gachechiladze
Vice President: Vano Kandelaki


Georgian National DanceSport Federation (GNDSF) - is the official national governing body for DanceSport (the competitive version of ballroom dancing) in the Georgia. Member of World DanceSport Federation(WDSF), President - George Gachechiladze, Vice President - Vano Kandelaki.



Georgian National DanceSport Federation (GNDSF), as before, from 1991, the successor of the Georgian National Association of DanceSport , was created on June 28, 1998, and up to this date, continues to work under this name.

During this time, the level of technique and performance of members of Federation was significantly evolved , as well as our international relations.

Georgian National DanceSport Federation regularly holds various tournaments, such as, for example, Georgian Championships and International competitions. Special note to the traditional "Caucasus Cup", which will be held twenty-third time this year and which sits firmly in the annual schedule of World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) . In 2015, It took place into the Worlds╩╣ top three tournaments by coefficient of 2.15 and holds a pretty important place among the ranking tournaments. It is also important to mention "Batumi Open Championship" (WDSF World Open Competition), another traditional tournament held bu Adjarian A.D DanceSport Federation, as it will be held twelfth time in 2017.


Total Georgian National DanceSport Federation registered with World DanceSport Federation (WDSF):
  • Clubs: 25
  • Athletes: 658
  • Couples 66
  • Adjudicator: 3 (Active)
  • Chairpersons: 1


Georgian National DanceSport Federation is organizing two main World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Competition a year:



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