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Caucasus Cup

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Category: (GNDSF) Dance Competition World Dancesport Federation (WDSF Recognized)
Dates: Middle of May (Annually)
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Years active: 1995 - present
Organizer: Georgian National DanceSport Federation


The Caucasus Cup is a sanctioned 3-day Georgian National DanceSport Federation competition, recognized by the World DanceSport Federation(WDSF). Hosted in Tbilisi, Georgia by (GNDSF) team, Presindent: George Gachechiladze and vice President: Vano Kandelaki. The 2018 Caucasus Cup includes various WDSF sanctioned events such as the WDSF World Open, (Standard and Latin), WDSF events for PD, Senior 1, Youth, Juniors and also WDSF World Under 21 Latin Championship.


The Caucasus Cup is one of the oldest and prestigious International DanceSport Competition of the Georgian Region, 2018 is a year of 23rd anniversary of this event. Organized by Georgian National DanceSport Federation team, Presindent: George Gachechiladze and vice President: Vano Kandelaki.

The Caucasus Cup is a tree-day competition that has been introduced in 1995. Initially, the competition is hosted in Tbilisi, Georgia, recognized by World DanceSport Federation.

The maintains goals to create major competition with the feel of a World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) event. With use of artistic lighting, live music and decor as well as a judging panel that includes National, International and WDSF Adjudicators, competitors have the opportunity to dance in front of some of the top critics in the business, at the same time doing so in an inviting and energetic environment.

  • Tree days of competition
  • National, International and WDSF World Class Adjudicators
  • 2018 WDSF World Under 21 Latin Championship
  • Live Music
  • Live Video Stream


Events include competitive dancing in the International Standard and Latin styles throughout the Pre-Teen, Junior, Youth, Adult, Senior and also Solo Ladies in the Amateur and Professional divisions.

The 2018 Caucasus Cup will also host various WDSF sanctioned events including:



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