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Jaroslaw Radzimierski

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Born: September 19
Hometown: Nowy Glinnik, Poland
Current location: Lawrenceville, NJ (USA)
Current status:

Jaroslaw Radzimierski is a former Professional Ballroom dancer specializing in International Style Standard. He was a finalist of many major U.S. competitions in the Professional Rising Star Standard division during his competitive career. Currently, Jaroslaw is a World Class Adjudicator, a certified dance instructor, and co-owner of the "Viva Ballroom Dance Fitness" Studio in Lawrenceville, New Jersey (USA).


Jaroslaw Radzimierski started his adventure with Ballroom Dance at 10 years old, studying at “Cantinero” dance studio in Poland. Since then, dance became his life's passion.

Over the years, he was trained by the best instructors in Poland, including Grzegorz Rybicki, choreographer and founder of “Cantinero”, and Iwona Pavlovic, recent judge on Poland’s TV version of "Dancing with the Stars".

Jaroslaw received many awards in national dance competitions, and in 1997, achieved the level of Champ in both the Standard and Latin styles.

After Jaroslaw graduated from the Lodz University of International Studies in 2004 with his Masters degree in Diplomacy and Political Affairs, he decided to move to America to follow his passion for Ballroom Dance. He began teaching young children and adults at a rented location in Trenton. Later in 2008, Jaroslaw finally established his dream and became the founder and co-owner of "Viva Ballroom Dance Fitness" in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. He has been teaching and choreographing Ballroom and Latin dance for children, teens, and adults, both singles and couples. He specializes in not only social dance but competitive dance as well, coaching many of Viva’s most successful competitive couples. His students participate in competitions and perform at numerous social and charity events throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He also maintains certifications as a Zumba and Brancee instructor as well.

Mr. Radzimierski was also a Professional Rising Star Standard competitor who placed in the finals of many prestigious competitions including the United States DanceSport Championships, Manhattan DanceSport Championships, Empire Dance Championship, American Star Ball Championships, and the NJ State Open DanceSport Championships.

Jaroslaw specializes in International Style Standard and Latin, as well as in American Smooth and Rhythm. He is also a certified dance instructor and adjudicator through DVIDA. In addition, Jaroslaw is the organizer of the annual "Viva Dance Camp".

His kindness, patience, great personality, experience, and wealth of knowledge are the attributes most appreciated by his students. Mr. Jaroslaw Radzimierski possesses a remarkable gift for sharing his love of dance and inspiring students to reach their full potential.


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