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Maxim Kozhevnikov

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Born: May 31, 1975
Hometown: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Current location: New York, USA
Current status:

Maxim Kozhevnikov is a former professional ballroom dancer specialize in International Style Latin. U.S. National Professional Latin Champion, Professional Latin finalist at the Blackpool Dance Festival, Professional Latin finalist at the International Championships, 7 times U.S. National Professional Show Dance Champion, 5 times World Professional Latin Show Dance Champion.


Maxim Kozhevnikov was born as a disabled person, who had the second group of visual sense disability and atelocardia from his childhood. And that was why his parents were not very sure about his successful future. He was wick and often got sick. He started his education at the age of 8 in a special boarding school for vision-impaired children.

The teaching staff of the school helped Maxim to develop his gifts and flair, his knack for humanity subjects. He tried a lot of things: pyrography, literary classes, rhythmic, folk dance, also he participated in different sport events, like Spartakiad. All of that helped his self-assurance and his artistic and sport skills. Maxim was a lead singer in the school choir and in the Nizhegorodian boys' choir. He did his best and got numerous awards in different competitions. At the age of 14, his voice started changing and Maxim decided that he wouldn't go on singing. He fell to be interested in motorcycles, met «bad companies»… Maxim went through it, and continued his education in a regional school for the blind. He got high grades there.

From 1990 to 1991 years - it was a hard period for Russia, – Maxim made a start in sport ballroom dances. Actually, beginning at the age of 15-16, having problems with health and wealth, Maxim Kozhevnikov had mostly no promising artistic or dancesport future. But Maxim had his own way, he started to practice per 5-6 hours every day in classes and individually. And the results were not slow in coming. Maxim decided to connect his life with the world of Art.

Two years later, Maxim enrolled at a prestigious mechanic lycee in Nizhny Novgorod. Only students with excellent marks can study there. He was in a humanity class #16 that was secured with Volgo-Vyatskay Academy. During two year, Maxim did his best combining his studding at the lycee, in the Institute, his dancesport career of an Amateur-dancer in two programs, his educational work in «Omega-Lokomotiv» and the job of a freight handler and a salesman at the markets, because he needed money to pay for his «future».

After graduating from the lycee, Maxim had two ways: to go on dancing and go to the pedagogical field, or to continue his humanitarian education in the Institute under the patronage of Russian President. He chose the first variant and went to Moscow with his dance partner. In Moscow his teachers was Victor Nikovski and Larissa Davydova. Working as a teacher of additional education and a teacher of rhythmic in several schools, Maxim did his best on his training and had a success in Russia and abroad. Later the Life made him choose the way again and in 2002, at the age of 27, he moved into the U.S.A. with Yulia Zagoruychenko – his new dance partner.

New opportunities

Maxim Kozhevnikov came into the U.S.A and World ballroom dancing community with a new status – Professional. From the very beginning of his new career, he asserted itself as a new Leader in all competitions. Passing through all difficulties of the emigrant's life, working hard every day, he had a strong belief in himself, in his work, his projects, his success. In 2002, he got the title of Grand Finalist, being a finalist at all the most prestigious world events, including Blackpool Dance Festival, International Championships, UK open, World and other competitions. Since 2003, Maxim had been winning major titles all over the world, including being 5 times World Professional Latin Show Dance Champion with different dance partners and 7 times U.S. National Professional Show Dance Champion.

After receiving acclaims all over the world, he was invited to create a line of instructional DVDs by DanceVision and other Dance Organizations. In addition to competitions, Maxim had been sought after the world over for countless professional shows and performances. Many of such events had also been televised in the U.S.A, U.K., Russia and other countries. At the same time he had also taught lectures, seminars and workshops all over the world, most notably at the Blackpool Congress. Maxim continued working with sport couples, social students in dance schools, Institutes, Universities all over the world and went on creating new performances. Many of his students had gone on to win numerous championships and scholarships both in the U.S.A and in other countries.

He was also invited to coach the U.S.A Latin formation team. After getting numerous titles and awards, finishing his dancesport career with Yulia Zagoruychenko and his artistic career with Beata, Maxim started participating in Pro-Am and choreography.

In 2011 the Life took a new breath – Maxim Kozhevnikov met Anastasia Grigoreva and created a new dance-performance and married couple. After the break, coming back in dancesport field, Maxim got three more titles of the World Professional Show Dance Champion and became a «World Dance Artist».


As for today Maxim participates in different dance artistic projects all over the world as an organizer, choreographer, judge and a performer. Also Maxim Kozhevnikov works in the field of immovables as a designer and a project director. He successfully cooperates with the leading dance teams and companies in Russia, f.e., «TODES» and «Ballet of Igor Moiseev». Maxim constantly participate in TV and movie projects. «KickBallChange» - the film about Maxim Kozhevnikov and his way in the artistic field, - is coming out soon. Companies from the U.S.A., U.K., India and others invite him to take part in their projects, f.e., in «Танцы со Звёздами» («Dancing with the Stars») (Russia), «So You Think You Can Dance» and some others, as a judge, professional dancer and a choreographer.

Maxim Kozhevnikov continues his career as a teacher and a lecturer in the dancesport artistic world, as a trainer in different clubs, dance companies and «dance theatres». You can find Maxim in different qualities and roles, which are available for him in consequences of his longstanding real-life experience, inexhaustible imagination, academic knowledge, diligence and hard work.


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