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Massimo Giorgianni

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Born: August 24
Current location: Vigevano, Italy
Current status:

Massimo Giorgianni professional ballrom dancer in category Standard. Massimo achieving 8 World titles , European and 18 times Italian Amateur and Professional Champions and twice World Professional Showdance Champions.


Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini have been married for only five years but have been dancing together since they were very young. They have been amateur world standard champions, European champions, professional finalists and twice world professional showdance champions.

The culmination of their competitive career together came at the world's most prestigious dance competition. At the completion of the Team Match in Blackpool dance Festival they announced their retirement, and the entire audience at the Winter Garden rose to their feet to show their appreciation and respect for the innovative dancing they have produced over the years.

This couple has always been an audience favorite due to the feeling and fire in their dancing, and they thrive on the reaction from the crowd. Massimo and Alessia's incredible emotion for dancing will be greatly missed at all the competitions.



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