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Aigars Stolcers

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Born: May 6, 1981
Originally from: Riga, Latvia
Current location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Current status:

Aigars Stolcers is a former Professional Ballroom dancer specializing in the International Style Latin division. A former Austrian and Latvian Professional Latin Champion, Aigars is currently one of the directors of the National Dance Council of Canada. He is also a world class adjudicator for the World Dance Council and a national adjudicator for the country of Canada.


At the time of his competitive dancing career, Aigars Stolcers was a semi-finalist of several World Championships. He was also a European finalist of the World Cup and the Champion of the Austrian and Latvian Championships among Professionals in the Latin American program.

In the Youth division, Aigars danced with Jevgenija Markova in the Latin, Standard, and 10 Dance divisions. They became Latvian Youth National Latin Champions and Latvian Youth National 10 Dance Vice-Champions.

Aigars partnered with Agita Baranovska, whom he later married, and competed in the Latin division. In their short time together as a competitive couple, they became Youth Russian Open Spartak Cup finalists. Then, Aigars danced with Zane Sveicere in the Amateur Latin and Standard programs.

Aigars moved to Moscow to dance with Anastasia Zakopeltova. Together, they became finalists and semi-finalists of many IDSF Amateur Latin competitions.

Aigars decided to move back to Latvia where he started dancing with his coach's daughter, Viola Abramova, who later became a Latvian Dancing with the Stars famous Professional dancer. The couple only danced together for half a year, yet achieved fantastic results as World Cup finalists. They also claimed Bronze medals in the Latvian Amateur Latin Championships after practicing for only two weeks.

After a successful partnership with Viola, Aigars turned Professional and moved to Austria to form a new partnership with Julia Polai. The couple achieved many titles, including becoming semi-finalists of the World Professional Latin Championships, finishing 7th, just under the final in 2003. They also placed 8th in the Professional Latin European Championships. Finalists of the World Cup as well as of the Professional Rising Star International Championships and Professional Rising Star UK Open Championships, Aigars and Julia became finalists of The Star Championships in Blackpool as well as finalists of the World Masters.

Their achievements continued into placing in the semi-finals for such prestigious competitions including the World Series, the Asian Open in Japan, the Dutch Open in Assen, the Italian Open in Cervia, and the Kremlin Cup in Moscow.

Off the Competitive Floor

Adjudicator & Official

Aigars Stolcers is a world class adjudicator for the World Dance Council (WDC). He is also a Canadian National Adjudicator. Aigars has judged all major American and Canadian Championships as well as various international competitions including the annual World Championships of Paris, World Masters, the WDC World Series, the Dutch Open Championships, Ohio Star Ball, Embassy Ball, the Manhattan Dance Championships, the Millennium DanceSport Championships, La Classique du Québec and many more.

Aigars is also a director of the National Dance Council of Canada.


Aigars travels throughout the world, especially throughout Canada and the United States to instruct and lecture growing dancers in the competitive arena. He has coached many Canadian and American National Champions.

In 2010, Aigars, Agita Baranovska, and two other business partners opened one of the biggest Ballroom Dance studios in North America - the club Viva Ballroom Dance Studio.

In 2016, Aigars and Agita opened a Pro-Am dance studio in the greater Toronto area known as Dance Masters.

Aigars is also a partner as well as an instructor of the Dance Evolution Club Studio located in New Jersey (USA). He is also a Master Dance instructor at the Olympic Stars Dance Academy in Ontario (Canada).

Family Man

In 2007, Aigars married Agita Baranovska in Toronto, Canada. On December 10 of 2011, the couple became parents. Two little twin girls came into the world at the Toronto East General Hospital within a one minute difference: 8:17 a.m. (Annalisa Maria Stolcers) and 8:18 a.m. (Daniella Victoria Stolcers).



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