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Denise Weavers

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Denise Weavers is a former Ballroom dancer who won various World Championship titles in both the Latin and Ten Dance divisions, including the World Professional Latin Showdance Championship and the World Professional Ten Dance Championship 5-times. With partner David Sycamore, Denise represented Great Britain in the Blackpool Dance Festival Professional Team-Match for a period of 10 years and is now one of the directors of "Dance Options Cheam" in Surrey, UK.


Denise Weavers started her dancing life at the age of six as a student in the children's class of the Benny Tolmeyer School of Dancing in South London. Her competitive career started to develop seriously when she became partnered with David Sycamore at the age of 14.

By the time Denise was 21, the couple had already won the British Open Amateur Latin Championships as well as the World Amateur Latin and World Amateur Ten Dance Championships twice. Then they turned Professional in 1979.

They competed professionally for 11 years, attaining the following titles: 3-time British National Professional Latin Champions, 5-time World Ten Dance Champions, and World Latin Showdance Champions. They also proudly represented Great Britain in the Blackpool Dance Festival Professional Team-Match for a period of 10 years.

Life After Competition

David and Denise have always treated the Ballroom and Latin Styles with equal enthusiasm. They enjoyed the performing of cabarets, and after retiring, continued to develop this aspect for an astonishing further 11 years.

David and Denise are also frequently called upon as adjudicators at major national and international championships and have officiated at World, European and British Open Championships as well as the national championships of various countries.

The couple's wealth of experience and knowledge ensures David and Denise are in demand as coaches and teachers to contemporary competitors from various countries and can list many of the Professional stars of Strictly Come Dancing among their former pupils as well as the current top echelon of Professional and Amateur competitors.

In 1992, Denise and David joined forces with Lynn Harman and Kenny and Marion Welsh to open "Dance Options Cheam", a studio in Surrey, UK that concentrates on the training of competitors.

Both David and Denise are Assessors for the International Dance Teachers Association.

Denise is glad to be a member of Ballroom Dancers' Federation International, to have the opportunity to to contribute her views on the future development of Ballroom and Latin American competitive dancing; she has been, since the inception of her dancing career, and remains today, passionate about dancing in all styles.


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