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Anna Mikhed

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Hometown: Minsk, Belarus
Current location: Alexandria, Virginia (USA)
Current status:

Anna Mikhed is a former Professional Ballroom Dancer who specialized in International Style Standard. She is an internationally renowned competitor, adjudicator, and dance coach holding such titles as Belarus National Standard Champion as well as the Professional Rising Star Champion at the UK Open and British Open Championships.


Anna Mikhed started Ballroom Dancing at the age of 5 in her hometown of Minsk, Belarus. In her youth, Anna was a multi-time national champion in her country and represented Belarus in many competitions and World Championships across the world.

After moving to the United States in 2000, Anna teamed up with the U.S. National Amateur Standard Champion, Victor Fung, in November of 2003. Together, with their Professional partnership, they quickly became the 2004 Open Professional Rising Star Standard Champions at the UK Open after only two months of dancing together. After six months, they won one of the most illustrious achievements within the Ballroom Dancing industry, the British Open Professional Rising Star Standard title.

Their perfectly matched body structures and complementary personalities made them one of the most attractive Ballroom Dancing couples of the day. Such qualities they possessed coupled with their energy and enthusiasm captivated those around them wherever they went. Victor and Anna were certainly one of the brightest and most talented Professional Standard couples in the modern era.

Since that time, Anna has been a U.S. National Professional Standard Vice Champion and a consistent Professional finalist in the World, UK Open, Blackpool Dance Festival and International Championships.

Anna is married to Dimitar Petrov with whom she has two daughters.


Anna's style in choosing her Ballroom gowns was impeccable. Greatly assisted by her dress sponsors, Chrisanne, one of the largest Ballroom dress making companies in the world, Anna was a trendsetter and the example to follow by many dancers around the world.

Instructor & Lecturer

Anna is one of the most qualified and knowledgeable dancers in the industry and thrives on sharing her knowledge with her students around the world. Anna has been a lecturer at prestigious dance events such as the Bad Harzburg Dance Festival in Germany, the Embassy Ball in the U.S., and the Blackpool Congress - (these are some of the biggest Ballroom Dance congresses in the world greatly attended and widely distributed on DVDs).

In 2002, Anna received the Top Teacher Award at the XXI GREAT RACE Sports Festival. Besides competing, Anna has also appeared twice as a guest performer on the number one TV Show in America, "Dancing with the Stars" sharing the stage with such outstanding artists as "Il Divo" and Queen Latifah.

Anna Mikhed coaches Amateur and Professional dancers across the United States, Canada, Japan, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, China, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. She is also the creative director at the DC DanceSport Academy, instructing in the Washington DC area.


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