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DanceSport Studio

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Founded: 2015

Headquarters: United States
Location: 643 Stokes Rd. Suite A&B, Medford, NJ


DanceSport Studio (DSS) is a Ballroom Dancing Studio located in Medford, New Jersey. DSS was founded in 2017 by Igor Golovach and Michelle-Angela Blank, current DanceSport athletes, multi-time U.S. National Vice-Champions, 5-time World Championships and World cup representetives and 2019 WDSF World Latin Showdance Finalists.


DanceSport Studio (DSS) encompasses organizations as well as individuals of multiple federations that work together as one unit in order to accomplish the highest standards of DanceSport training and education.

Through the AODS program and the DSS studios, we have taken the first successful initiative for the growth and redevelopment of DanceSport in the U.S. It is with Sports Administration Initiative that this growth will be taken to a new level, to the heights seen in other countries that lead this industry.

DSS implemented a robust payment system that beats any professional studios of the U.S. in its cost-effectiveness for athletes and clients. DSS invests all profits into expanding the AODS program and into the students themselves, whether it be for reduced camps fees, training wear, competitive travels, merging instructor education lessons, etc. DSS is committed to the industry, its students, and the expansion of quality athletes who in turn also invest into the sport with their time, passion, and finance.

In collaboration with DanceSport Rankings, all set competitions, adjudicators, officials, and dancers are monitored with their own personal ranking score that is tracked in relation to wrongdoing, favoritism, and unfair judgment. This will in turn provide DSS with a collaborative body of members that no longer have a part in the out-of-line politics of the industry, but rather want to stop it and prevent it from occurring any further.

With the newly set Art of DanceSport Training System, training will consist of workouts customized specifically for athletes depending on their skill evaluation results and overall level of competitive standing. DSS rounds will promote healthy progress physically and mentally for upcoming competitions. Individual, as well as couple training, by our DSS instructors, are specifically created for milestone setting, accomplishing goals, and therefore the overall progression of each athlete. Time management learning ability, as well as counseling and psychological evaluations and privates for mental and emotional competition readiness, along with each aspect of the DSS training platform, combines under one set goal to lead the DanceSport industry on its path to the Olympics.

DSS is also a starting Partner Connect organization that will help athletes around the world find their way to the perfect competitive or social dance partner.

Art of DanceSport Training System

The Art of DanceSport is a training platform that has been established to bridge the gaps of the competitive DanceSport industry here in the United States in relation to the industry that is blossoming throughout all of Europe and Asia. This system is an umbrella encompassing aspects of:

  • Systemized training procedures based on the “Path to Olympics” approach
  • Mergers of professional personnel consisting of coaches, adjudicators, competition organizers, and various officials from all over the globe
  • Incorporation of interconnecting multi-national training centers for athletes worldwide
  • Providing professional training facilities and training services throughout the United States for current athletes, beginners, collegiate and social dancers
  • Providing accessibility and affordability to participate in DanceSport to underprivileged communities
  • Expanding training camps nationally
  • Continuous networking with other professional training schools, clubs, and studios

"The Art of DanceSport" Training System is a platform where politics are no longer the concern of the trainees, bringing the interest of athletes and dancers first.

  • Personalized system of workouts constructed specifically for each athlete and couple
  • Training integration of age and level
  • Milestone Setting
  • DSS Competitive Rounds
  • Unity approach of art and sport
  • Time Management
  • DanceSport Psychology

The Art of DanceSport Training System has been created exclusively by DSS for the advancement of DanceSport athletes onto the path to lead the industry and sport into the Olympics in the years to come. The platform consists of personalized training workouts carried on by DSS instructors worldwide who have come together from multiple federations under one unit. Seminars, camps, and DSF competitions will connect these DSS members to exchange and carry forward knowledge, technique, and personnel to advance the industry to new heights in the sports arena. Structure in training will lead to a different performance in DanceSport Championships, which will be organized and judged in much the same way that Olympic sports are currently.

Aspects of the syllabus will become essential in the evaluation of an athlete's skill as they will be judged at these competitions. Therefore, much focus will come back down to the basics in the Art of DanceSport Training System. Each couple will also be scored individually on the floor in terms of technicality, performance, partnership skill, and choreography. Therefore, these are the main terms of focus when DSS instructors prepare their athletes. DSS rounds will focus on these aspects and feature such mock run-throughs that will simulate a real competition with real scoring systems at the time of the rounds.

The Art of DanceSport Training System is bringing together those who want to make a difference for the better of the DanceSport industry, enhancing our athletes, and giving them the ability to truly prosper without politics obstructing the way. It is a system of training and counseling where political matters are no longer the concern of the trainees, depicting the interest of athletes and dancers first.

DSS Around the World

Michelle Blank and Igor Golovach have been collaborating with top DanceSport officials, adjudicators, and trainers to fulfill DSS as a franchised entity in several countries. As a communicative-online educational source and a studio franchise, DSS will connect athletes and coaches throughout the globe under one name. With this connection will come DSS Training Camps worldwide, where the top coaches of the DanceSport industry will travel the world, educating athletes, and gathering the DSS community to grow together as one team.




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