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Cecilia Giovacchini

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Born: August 6
Hometown: Florence, Italy
Current location: San Francisco, California
Current status:

Cecilia Giovacchini is originally from Florence, Italy. With her husband, Daniele Gozzi, she became a United States Professional Latin Champion and now a prospering adjudicator and competition organizer.


Together, Cecilia Giovacchini and Daniele Gozzi have represented the USA in the Professional Latin American Dance Category. Some of their best results include winning the US National Rising Star Latin Championships, becoming 3-time US National Open Latin Finalists, champions of the German Open Championships in the Rising Star Latin category, Bronze Medalists at the prestigious Ohio Star Ball, British Open Rising Star Latin Finalists, UK Open Rising Star Latin Finalists, as well as the London Ball Open to the World Latin Finalists.

Cecilia and Daniele have created a large following in the San Francisco Bay Area and are highly respected as the top Professional Latin Teachers in the region. Both are certified instructors with the Terpsicore and DVIDA Teachers Associations.

Now retired from competitive dancing, both Cecilia and Daniele are National and International Accredited Judges with the NDCA (National Dance Council of America) and the WDC (World Dance Council). Aside from teaching and judging, they are the co-organizers of The Diamond Classic Dance Competition in San Jose, CA, the largest and most exclusive one-day dance competition in the Bay Area. They were also the previous organizers of the the International Grand Ball DanceSport Championships.


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