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WDSF Vision

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Federation: World Dancesport Federation (WDSF)


Exactly 50 years after it was founded in Germany, WDSF held the 2007 Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The International Olympic Committee Honorary President, the late Juan Antonio Samaranch, delivered the anniversary address.


“Yours is an organisation that has reached its maturity. This requires sometimes changes. Criteria need to be updated, and the challenges imposed by the media society must be accepted.”

J.A Samaranch 1920 - 2010

After it had kept its focus exclusively on the Latin and Standard dances for five decades, WDSF took Samaranch's advice to heart and adopted a restructure and development plan for the organisation and for the sport. As per its VISION 2012, the World DanceSport Federation set out to


  • Establish WDSF as the cohesive force between different stakeholders in the sporting activities which involve dance.
  • Improve DanceSport through synergies resulting from the combined knowledge base and expertise of the stakeholders.
  • Promote the sport on the strengths of a greater constituency, of the broadest demographic appeal, and of benefits arising from economy of scale.
  • Make DanceSport even more global, more ageless, more accessible, and more relevant.

It was nothing short of shifting paradigms and certainly one of the most projects ever embarked upon by WDSF. When the inaugural edition of the WDSF World DanceSport Games were held in Kaohsiung, TPE, in September of 2013, it symbolically brought the VISION 2012 project to a successful conclusion.

In the autumn of 2013 WDSF followed up and started work on 2020 VISION in order to bring even more significant improvements over the status quo in a number of areas. Through 2020 VISION, WDSF defines the strategies that make for DanceSport continued development and growth in popularity to become achievable over the years to come.

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