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Giacomo Agrello

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Hometown: Gallarate, Italy
Current location: St George, Utah
Current status:

Giacomo Agrello is a Professional Ballroom dancer specializing in International Style Standard and American Smooth. A former Italian National Amateur Standard Champion, Giacomo is a current Pro-Am competitor and instructor, owner of Agrello Dance & Fitness and organizer of the Las Vegas Lights Dance Challenge.


Giacomo Agrello, born in Gallarate, Italy, began dancing to “meet girls and please his mom.” A good move as he ultimately met his now-bride, Debra, through Ballroom Dancing.

Working from the stages of a beginner through the ranks of Amateur competition, into the levels of Professional and Pro-Am divisions, Giacomo’s international career spans all levels of Ballroom Dance with successful results across the board. To name a few accomplishments, Giacomo holds multiple Pro-Am Champion titles across all age divisions, is a multiple-time Professional International Standard Champion and finalist in Open and Rising Star events across the United States, and is a former Italian National Amateur Standard Champion.

Giacomo has made it a priority throughout his career to maintain the highest level of training for himself, seeking out coaching from the most sought after and knowledgeable trainers in the world including: Peter Eggleton, Brian and Susan Puttock, Bill and Bobbie Irvine, Brian and Christie McDonald, Igor Suvorov, Giampiero Giannico and Andrew Sinkinson to name a few.

A true technician and competitor, Giacomo stresses the importance of continued training and education - both with his students and himself. Currently a Pro-Am instructor, competitor and adjudicator, Giacomo continues to be a "student of his own profession".

Giacomo Agrello and wife Debra Agrello are owners of Agrello Dance & Fitness located in St George, UT. They are also the organizers of the Las Vegas Lights Dance Challenge.


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