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Maria Manusova

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Born: January 2, 1980
Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine
Current location: Brooklyn, New York
Current status:
  • Adjudicator
  • Instructor
  • Lecturer
  • Choreographer
  • Competition Organizer
  • Dance Studio Owner

Maria Manusova is a an 11-time undefeated Amateur Latin United States National Champion, the owner of Brooklyn DanceSport Club, and the organizer of one of the biggest Championships hosted in the United States: the New York Dance Festival (NYDF).


Maria Manusova began dancing with Eugene Katsevman on the first of August in the year 1993. Both originally from Kiev, Ukraine, they found each other in New York, where they lived in the same neighborhood of Brooklyn. In September of that year, they won their first competition in the Silver Latin division, and thus their journey began.

By 1995, Maria and Eugene were the USA National Youth Latin Champions. In 1997, they came 2nd at the Youth World and British Open Under 21 Latin Championships.

In 1997, they entered the Adult Amateur division where they became USA National Amateur Latin Champions and held onto the title for the following 11 years.

In 1998, they won the UK Open Amateur Rising Star Latin Championships and became British Open Under 21 Latin Champions - the first ever US couple to win that title.

During their Amateur career, Eugene and Maria were finalists of all major Championships including the International Open, UK Open, British Open and World Championships. By the 2005-2006 season, they were the #1 couple on the IDSF ranking list, and placed in the top 3 of every major championship. Among their titles are three US Open Championships, a Masters Gala Trophy, and an IDSF Grand Slam Series Championship. In 2005, they had the honor of representing their country at the World Games in Germany, from which they brought home the gold medal.

In 2008, Eugene and Maria turned Professional and immediately broke into the final of the British Open Championships at Blackpool in 2009.

After winning the Blackpool Team Match for the second year in a row, Eugene and Maria announced their retirement from competitive dancing in May of 2010.

In January of 2011, Maria and Eugene opened the doors of Brooklyn DanceSport Club, where they currently host and instruct World-Class Champions and trainers. They have trained multiple US National Juvenile, Junior, and Youth Latin Champions as well as British Open Juvenile Champions. They have trained many National Finalists in all divisions and categories. Their couples have danced in the finals of Junior and Youth World Championships, British Open Junior and Under 21 Championships, and British Open Rising Star Professional Latin Championships.

Together, they also organize one of the most famous Championships of the United States known as the New York Dance Festival.

Maria is also a DanceSport adjudicator as well as a loving mother of a beautiful daughter.


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