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Gaynor Fairweather

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Born: September 26, 1956
Hometown: Stockport, Manchester (England)
Current location: Hong Kong
  • Instructor
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  • Adjudicator
  • Choreographer
  • Competition Organizer

Gaynor Fairweather is a British professional ballroom dancer. She and her partner, Donnie Burns, were 14-time Professional World Latin Dance Champions and 11 times Professional International Latin American Dance Champions. This is by some way the record number of wins in both these top competitions. On their retirement from competition dancing they were both appointed Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to the performing arts.


All childhood Gaynor Fairweather wanted to become a ballerina.To do this she had perfect data as many have said. But prima ballet Feyvezer decided not to become, once and for all by ballroom dancing. Love them there at the age of 10 years. Coach from the start, and for many years was the Sammy Stopford. In just a few years of practice, it becomes the best student in the class Stopford. He noted her talent and ability. Very soon, the coach introduces the dancer with her future partner Donnie Burns.


Couple Fairweather Burns officially formed in 1976. The couple came to the floor of the European Championship in 1977, finishing 4th in the standings. The second joint performance was the International, where they also expected the final place, as well as in the UK. The beginning of his success Gaynor said final championship of Britain. Excellent taste and femininity made her trendsetter on the dance floor. Coming to Blackpool, Gaynor and Donnie came into the quarter-finals, and a year later won the 2nd place. It was a breakthrough. Feyvezer remembers that day is especially remembered the audience. Soon comes the decision to move to London (England), the center of the ballroom dance of the time, for further professional growth.

 In 1979 Gaynor with a partner become British champion. This year, the couple took first place in all events. For high achievements in amateur ballroom dancing - Princess Anne gives them an annual award Carl Alan Award. In 1980 Burns Fairweather and win in the citadel of ballroom dance in Blackpool Latin program "lovers." The following year, fully repeated the result.


In London, as there is another coach who helps grow professionally. Walter Laird - a three-time world champion among professionals in Latin.  For the first time on the winning parquet in the category "Professionals" Gaynor Fairweather with donnie Burns stepped in 1984, opening a new page in the life of a stellar World Cup among professionals. After that, they became the best 13 times, confirming the title of king and queen of Latin dance. In 1990, the first time the duo tries himself in the Latin American Ceque and again successfully won the victory. In 1995 Gaynor and Donnie arrived in Moscow (Russia) at the World Cup. Eight thousand 'Hall left a lasting impression on Fairweather constantly and fervently supporting the pair. As previously mentioned, the reaction of the public is very important for Gaynor. They finished top of the podium, having left Moscow with a victory. The following year, the creative union returned and repeated his result. In 1996, it was a mutual decision to end the joint dance career with Burns. However, after 2 years - Gaynor Fairweather again appeared to him in a pair at the World Championships to Johannesburg. Dancers once again stand on the highest step of bypassing a couple of Bryan Watson and Karen Hardy and regaining the title. 20-year experience of victories came in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition, together with partner Gaynor also received the honorary title of the UK - OBE for his services in the development of dance sport in the country and the world Members of the Order of the British Empire. Having won many victories and titles, in 1998 a decision on the completion of a pair of joint dance career becomes final and the pair Donnie Burns and Gaynor Feyvezer ceases to exist.

His competitive dance career *Gaynor* continues with a new partner - Mirko Saccani. At competitions pair represents England. Their debut September 7, 1999 at the US Open, held in Miami (USA). The pair soon found herself in the final six contestants. However, Gaynor and Mirko is not often come to the dance floor, more and more going into teaching. However, Mirko they move to Hong Kong, where they live now. May 31, 2000 couple participates in Blackpool on Latin and is among the top 48 pairs. In this part the dancers officially there for 2 years, after which completely switched to teaching.


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